ENAT Leather Card Wallet

Started in 2015 by best friends Eliza + Olivia, we collaborate with small business owners in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to design and co-produce a line of life-ready leather goods and jewelry, consciously and sustainably.

We focus on raw materials that are sustainable, recycled and upcycled in an attempt to minimize our impact on the environment and the people we work with. We’re on a mission to highlight the entrepreneurs and makers behind our products and make responsible, affordable fashion the new norm.


Who we are

ENAT Founders Eliza Olivia Sustainable Ethical Conscious Fashion Ethiopia

We started ENAT because we couldn’t find what we wanted: cool pieces we would be proud and excited to use every day at prices we could afford. We wanted to create a brand that highlighted the process and the people behind our products and that were priced fairly for our partners and our customers. Our mission is to make conscious shopping more inclusive.
We’re Eliza + Olivia. We’ve been best friends since preschool and grew up two blocks away from each other. Our connection to Ethiopia spans 28 years. ENAT is an homage to our Ethiopian mama, Lemmy, who inspired it all.
Our products are designed by us and handmade by Daniel + Haimanot in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia in small batches of 100 or less. Our items are thoughtfully made with an eye towards detail.
We want you to love where your purchase comes from and who its made by just as much as you love your new item.

Consciously and Fairly Made

We’re trying to do something a little bit different. We’re a business in favor of the power of business. Our partners in Addis are impressive, passionate, young entrepreneurs making moves in their industry and we’re damn proud to be building this with them.

Skill and quality should determine pricing. All of the small businesses we work with set the prices, not the other way around. This wouldn’t work if we didn’t know and work directly with our partners in Addis.

We believe in creating great quality products that last. Our production timelines take longer than fast fashion companies, typically around 6 weeks which gives our partners time to work at a comfortable pace.

ENAT Leather bags



We’ve been surrounded by the green movement our whole lives (both of Olivia’s parents are environmental scientists who have multiple worm farms. True story.) so we believe that social responsibility and sustainability go hand in hand.

Local Materials: everything that goes into the making of our bags (except our hardware) is made in Ethiopia. Our leather comes from animal by-product from the local food industry, the cotton linings are woven from cotton grown in country, and we’re working on keeping it that way. 

Vegetable-Tanned leather: we've learned a lot about the leather industry and the potential harm it can have on workers and the environment. That's why we've chosen to transition to 100% vegetable-tanned leather made in collaboration with Hafde Tannery, which uses plant extracts, like bark and roots, to achieve the same process. Almost 90% of the world's leather is made with chromium, a mineral that can have disastrous effects if handled or disposed of improperly. While this raw material is more expensive and labor intensive, we believe in raising the demand for a more eco-friendly material, protecting workers and the environment from exposure to these harmful tanning agents. 

Leather scraps + Recycled Metal: We’re dedicated to making patterns that have minimal waste, but when we do have waste we like to find ways to use it. Our card wallets are made from scraps from our bags and the tassel on our crossbody is from leftovers too. We’re not there yet, but we’re committed to closing the loop and moving towards zero waste production. We also want to  use materials that are on their second life, like the beads made from recycled metal from bullets in our bracelets.