The ENAT Oddball Summer Sale is here!

What exactly is an Oddball?

Since each ENAT bag is hand cut and stitched by our partners in Ethiopia, not every item turns out perfect. Bags from the Oddball collection have a quirk of some sort: maybe you can see the hand of the maker, a polish spot on the inside or extra variations in the leather. Although these bags can’t be considered perfect, they are crazy beautiful and we frequently rock them ourselves. In our mind, the uniqueness makes them extra special. It would be crazy for them to go to waste!

We have selected the best perfectly imperfect Backpacks in Caramel for the ENAT Oddball Summer Sale, which will be 20% less than the normal cost starting August 16th until August 19th, or until they're gone. 

Learn more about what an Oddball is from last year's video:

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