Talking Oddballs with Emily from A Day Pack

A Day Pack Enat Made in Ethiopia Oddball
We've worked with the kids from A Day Pack before and so when Emily floated the idea of doing a second little something AND it coincided with the launch of the ENAT Oddball Collection, we absolutely had to say yes. 
Emily and Nicholas, the pair behind the blog, are on a conscious + ethical + slow living journey. They freely admit to being new to this stuff (most of us are!) and reel readers in with a wonderful authenticity and gorgeous images to boot. 
We absolutely love how Emily re-packaged the Oddball message, explaining our mission as it relates to this collection and had to share:
" They may have a few bumps, scuffs, or a dot here and there, but I can tell you from a firsthand look, they are just as good as the original images you see online. Better yet, they come with a smaller price tag. One of ENAT’s biggest values is to remain sustainable. How? Stop producing waste. Use all of the material and product you have, imperfections and all."