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Why your ENAT box smells like Rosemary

  If you’ve ever purchased something from ENAT you’ll have noticed that we include a sprig of something fresh in your package. Around the holidays we like to add evergreen, just because it's festive and smells soo good. Every other time of the year we include Rosemary, and there’s a special reason why. This herb, which is native to the Mediterranean and Northern Africa, is ultra common in Ethiopian cooking. In other parts of the world, Rosemary has been used for its healing powers (who doesn’t use a little rosemary something to relax from time to time?) and is often is associated with luck in relationships and love. While we’re not looking for any love potions, we like the fact that it...

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Our Addis Photo Blog

Hey everyone! Eliza and Olivia here.  Two weeks ago we headed to Addis to meet with our partners and check some things off of our To Do list. It was a whirlwind trip but we got a ton done, got to hang out with the team, and filled our belly with with all of our favorite foods. We’ll be unveiling some of the exciting things that came out of this visit to Addis in the next couple of weeks so check back in soon! Off the the airport in Kigali ^ What we're doing with our leather scraps ^ Our morning ritual: macchiato and a fresh juice ^ Photo shoot with @yonas_tadesse_ ^ Shots of Daniel and the team ^...

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On the List: Simple Liv & Co's "Best Places to Buy Affordable Ethical Fashion"

Affordable and ethical. That's what we're after.  We are now featured on Simply Liv & Co's list of Affordable and Ethical Brands! This piece has been blowing up Pinterest, guiding people towards amazing brands that don't compromise ethics in the creation of their products.  Sustainable, conscious and ethical fashion is not only a growing trend, but, we believe, the necessary way for the industry to go. We're serious about providing products that don't feed into the fast fashion cycle that undervalues people and their craft.  We're also thrilled to be recognized on Simply Liv & Co's list amongst some seriously badass brands. It's becoming easier and easier to choose socially responsible products for your daily life. Just don't forget to pair your new...

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