Making the Perfect Leather Bag: Visiting a Tannery in Ethiopia

We're extra hard at work restocking our shelves in preparation for the unveiling of the newest additions to our collection.

But first things first: Co-Founder Eliza and Daniel, one of our Ethiopian partners, took a trip to an Addis tannery last week to source the leather for Daniel's Shop Enat styles. The shopping list? Leather for our black totes, brown totes, and a new black crossbody bag.

^ We weave our way through the offerings, searching for exactly what Daniel needs. He spies a nice brown leather, perfect for The Everyday Tote in Saddle, but they don't have enough stock, so we move on. 


^ A worker at the tannery shows Daniel a sample of a saddle-colored leather. Daniel checks for quality and is still not impressed. Regardless of this sample's quality, we're impressed by the facilities modern machinery that removes the harsh chemicals used in the tanning process from the wastewater.

The search continues...


^ Next stop brings us to another stack of leather. This time Daniel nods in approval. We've got leather for our totes, people!


^ Rolls of black leather fly from the back of the storage room towards us.  It must be perfect, he says. We wholeheartedly agree!


^ Daniel holds his own sample up to each roll to compare. He's a stickler for quality and won't settle easily, but this leather passes the test. The search is over!



^ While Daniel negotiates, Eliza is distracted by pretty colors and soft leathers. Can you blame her?



^ Daniel finishes the process by calculating the total on his phone and bargaining for the best price. 



^ And there's our leather, loaded onto the roof of the taxi and ready to be taken home!