INTRODUCING 100% Vegetable-Tanned Leather

At ENAT we're committed to using sustainable materials wherever possible. This winter we're starting our transition to 100% vegetable tanned leather by introducing one of our most popular styles, the Everyday Tote, in this new, more sustainable material. We'll also be introducing a slimmed down version of our tote. 

As a conscious company we're out to be better, always. This move towards a more eco- and people-friendly material is just one of the new initiatives we're focusing on now and in the new year. Exciting, right?

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What's the difference, why vegetable tanned?

Vegetable-tanned leather uses natural vegetable extracts, things like roots and bark, to turn  hide into leather. This process, while it is more time and labor intensive, is a much healthier process for both people and the environment. Alternatively, somewhere around 90% of the world's leather is tanned with chrome, a heavy metal that is dangerous to work with and can have disastrous effects on the environment when not disposed of properly. Want to learn more? Watch the documentary River Blue. 

Will this change the cost of the bags?

Slightly. We believe it's very important to move all of our goods to this more sustainable material so any new bags will use vegetable tanned leather. We special order this leather from an innovative tannery outside of Addis and because of the expertise and extra time involved to make it, we're going to raise the cost of our bags by a few dollars. That being said, we're committed to keeping the cost of our bags at an accessible price (we use Madewell as a benchmark) so the price rise won't be more than $20, depending on the style. 

When will other styles come out in vegetable-tanned?

Soon! All future orders will be made in vegetabled-tanned leather. Once other styles are out of stock we'll start the process of special ordering this material, having them made by Daniel and his team, and getting them out to you!