We're back! ENAT Relaunch 2016

ShopEnat Enat Sustainable Ethical Fashion Leather Bag Crossbody Made in Ethiopia

Hello (again) world! You may have known ENAT from the early days, but we’re back and better than ever.

It’s been a year of learning for us. Not only did we buckle down and really start working towards our goals as a small business, but we have also made an effort to look forward and understand the future of the industry and our company. While this is just step 1 in a much longer process, were excited to pledge our allegiance to ethical fashion and assert our role as a social impact company.

We believe that business, when done intentionally and with a greater purpose, can tackle real world problems and allow individuals to make real, impactful choices with their wallets. We’ve talked about some of the other businesses out there we admire and it turns out even some of the large brands don’t just see this as a passing trend, but as a central aspect to the health of their own businesses. 

We’re coming back now as a better version of ourselves, but don’t expect us to stop there. This is only the (second) beginning of our journey.