ENAT X wearwell

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We’re extra excited to announce a new partnership with a company we really believe in, wearwell.

Here’s the deal – wearwell wants to make it simpler for you to find clothes that fit your style + your values. Founders Erin and Emily are trying to solve the problem of finding in-style, reasonably-priced, and well-made clothing and accessories that also treat the makers and our environment fairly.

So, what are they going to do about it? Tell your wearwell stylist about your style, your cause, and how often you’d like for them to send you items...and they’ll take it from there. Get pieces from top conscious brands selected just for you, keep what you like, and send back the rest. They’ll also tell you exactly how each piece is making the world better and where you can go to find more. 

wearwell launches its fundraising campaign TODAY on Indiegogo and is offering the ENAT Everyday Tote as part of their Perk Packages. You'll also get a pre-order code to their service reserved just for campaign backers. In other words, be the FIRST to check them out!

Head to their page to contribute and get The Everyday Tote as part of your gift. Happy Shopping/Doing Good :)