ENAT Ethical Fashion Digest: What we're reading this week (ed. 2)

ENAT Ethical Fashion Digest: What we're reading this week (ed. 2)

We’re back with another installment of the ENAT Ethical Fashion Digest – because we know you need some summer beach reading.

We’re seeing more and more news stories about what’s going on in conscious and sustainable fashion around the globe. Here is a roundup ove what we’ve liked most in the past two weeks.

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Eliza + Olivia

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Ocean Plastics are IN– or so we’re told. Brands are starting to use plastic salvaged from the likes of the Pacific Garbage Patch, and we’re totally into it. (via Glossy.co)

Marie Claire has jumped on the bandwagon with a Sustainability Issue. They’ve got an impressive advisory board and conscious style darling/boss lady, Miroslava Duma acting as the first guest editor. Curious to see what’s next. (Via MarieClaire.com)

There’s coffee in my bra. Or there will be once I get my RUMI X bra in the mail. This is just more evidence that being creative in the textile side of fashion can actually be fun. (via Bustle)

How to keep microfibers out of our water? Make fabric that's 98% water. This is what happens when science gets into the fashion game. So. freaking. cool. (via Treehugger)

Speaking of microfibers in our water, this less than 3 min video explains in very simple terms why it’s better not to buy synthetic fibers and why we need to get back to the drawing board on the plastic bottle issue. (via storyofstuff.org)