Now that Fashion Week(s) and summer have come and gone it's time to figure out what's really going on this fall.

While we're excited to peep the new trends for the upcoming seasons, as our roundup of articles below suggests, we’re arguably more curious to witness the steps that the fashion industry is taking to become more sustainable. So while there is a lot to stay up to date with, here are just a few things floating around the interwebs.

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Minkoff takes her mitts off — and gets ready to fight in what she believes will be the ultimate fashion revolution. As Rebecca Minkoff puts it so eloquently in this badass article by Fast Company, she’s “throwing a bunch of shit against the wall and seeing what sticks” as she prepares for a fashion revolt. We’ll keep our eyes firmly peeled on that wall, and in the meantime, you should definitely prepare yourself for the future of fashion by giving this article a read. Via Fast Company.

Halloween is here: let’s get scary — and what better way to frighten ourselves than with this fascinating article on how the fashion industry is impacting the environment. It’s not all bad though— this informational piece by the World’s Resource Institute provides both cool graphics for you to peruse and some genuinely useful advice for you to dwell on as you come down from that trick-or-treat sugar high. Via World Resources Institute.

UNICEF was hot at this year’s Fashion Week —and the charity, who partnered with major Fashion Week organizer WME|IMG to create a selection of incredibly cool t-shirts, is donating 50% of proceeds from their merchandise to girl’s education and humanitarian crisis relief projects. Via Fast Company.

Also via Fast Company: a first look at Nike’s new recycled leather shoes, a game changer for those looking to purchase genuine leather made from sustainable, recycled scraps. Also worth a look at Peta’s exposé on how recycled leather is still leather; as well as PSFK’s compelling argument that Nike’s new shoes, that cut water use by 90%, are an innovative idea on Nike’s part and a definite move in the right direction. We're definitely staying on top of this stuff. 

And in news we can agree on to be good news, it's been reported that Ethiopia was the second country globally last year to attract investments in textiles and the garment industry. Our analysis? This is exciting news for the country's development, but companies need to ask about conditions and values of the factories/producers with which they partner if we want to avoid the ugly side of the fashion industry. Via 2merkato.

Everlane now makes sustainable jeans for only $68 – and we've tried them on. The process to make these jeans recycles 98% of the water, uses nearly half the energy as normal, and the byproducts are even used to make bricks which are used in housing projects in the area. Sweet! Only thing Everlane needs to catch up –– and fast –– is making sizes for fuller-figured ladies. via Huffington Post.