ENAT Ethical Fashion Digest (ed. 3): What we're reading this week

This week’s ENAT Ethical Fashion Digest takes you on a brief tour of the world of ethical fashion — and we can’t contain our excitement as appreciation for conscious clothing gains momentum on an international scale.

In the interest of celebrating the rise of fair fashion, here’s some of the most interesting reads from the past two weeks.

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Love local? — The US clothing industry relies on the help of immigrants, and much of our skilled workforce is responsible for products made close to home. It’s safe to say we’re digging this side of globalization. (Via fashionista)

Ethical fashion is in vogue. Literally.
We’re excited by news that Vogue magazine is hosting a Forces of Fashion conference this October, with influential designers such as Marc Jacobs and Stella McCartney. They plan to discuss the present and future of the fashion industry, and this is one conference we won’t yawn through. (Via Vogue)

Let’s turn this thing around: the Natural Resources Defense Council interviews Marie Claire’s editor-in-chief in this article and we love her insightful answers. We’re also into the idea that they’re giving politics a hand at reporting, in the interest of keeping it… real and all. (Via Marie Claire)

Charting a new territory— the world of fashiontech. In this fascinating article we glimpse the point where fashion and technology come together to benefit the modern consumer. This is the future people: get ready. (Via tech.co)

And to top it off, jeans trailblazer Wrangler is joining the movement to increase supply chain sustainability — a huge step for one of the world’s most popular fashion brands and a move we hope will help set an industry standard. So next time you shimmy into your skinnies: know you’re struggling for the greater good. (Via Environmental Leader)