Our Addis Photo Blog

Hey everyone! Eliza and Olivia here. 

Two weeks ago we headed to Addis to meet with our partners and check some things off of our To Do list. It was a whirlwind trip but we got a ton done, got to hang out with the team, and filled our belly with with all of our favorite foods.

We’ll be unveiling some of the exciting things that came out of this visit to Addis in the next couple of weeks so check back in soon!

ENAT handmade leather made in ethiopia ethiopian airlines

Off the the airport in Kigali ^

ENAT handmade card wallet leather made in ethiopia
What we're doing with our leather scraps ^
ENAT handmade made in ethiopia
Our morning ritual: macchiato and a fresh juice ^
ENAT handmade photoshoot ethiopian model leather made in ethiopia
Photo shoot with @yonas_tadesse_ ^
ENAT handmade made in ethiopia
Shots of Daniel and the team ^
ENAT handmade leather made in ethiopia
Checking out some of the newest options in sustainability ^
Lunch + beers on the last day with Dani ^