Nick from *a day pack* on the ENAT leather scrap Card Wallet

ADayPack ENAT Card Wallet Handmade Recycled Leather Scraps Conscious Sustainable Ethical Fashion
Gotta say, feedback is great –– especially when it's the good kind!
Earlier this year we came out with the ENAT Card Wallet, a way of turning our waste into something a lot more useful than garbage. This little holder is made from the scraps of our other bags and brings us one step closer to achieving zero waste. It also marks our first foray into designing something that appeals to everyone. 
We sent one to Nick, 1/2 of the loveable a day pack duo, to test drive it for us. We totally dig the fact that Emily, the original face of this blog that focuses on conscious goods and a slow lifestyle, is stepping out from behind the camera. We know more guys are choosing to buy better (or want to) and Nick's involvement is exciting to see.
After taking some photos that make us want to frame them and put them on our walls, he wrote a great post about us. Head to their blog to read it!